ATRIS Garage and Roller Kits

V2-ATRIS-24V motor for garage doors with 10 m² area and a maximum force of 700 N (100 Kg). ATRIS STRENGTHS • Accurate and safe operation with encoder • Sound signalling during automatic closing • Control panel with keypad and LCD display • Compartment of connections protected by a lid • Operation with solar power using the ECO-LOGIC system • Programming via 4 buttons and display • Quick menu for easy programming of the device • FAST operation mode (ATRIS-1000 version only) • Plug-in adaptor for modular radio receiver MR2 • Input for photocells or safety edges • Input for an external start button • Input for an external stop button • Output for flashing light 24V with intermittence • Self-learning of times, slow-downs and forces both in opening and closing phase

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